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I believe the CMO needs to be as focused on results as the CFO. With an interest in emerging ​Marketing tech such as AI, as well as a deep background in the fundamentals of customer experience ​and research insights, I marry the art and science of brand building. My management style is based on ​nurturing talent through feedback, consensus building, and mentorship. I build team momentum by ​celebrating wins, then raising the bar.


Content Marketing, Strategic Planning & Analysis, B2B SaaS positioning, Social & Digital, Press and ​Event Presence, Agile Marketing, Brand Management, Customer Experience & Insights

Executive experience

Startup, public, and large-scale private companies


VP, Sales Analysis, ​Reve​nue Operations

Global technology and ​media company


VP, Strategic Insights

Public technology and ​media company, focused ​on advertising sales


SVP, Advertising ​Products, Global ​Product Marketing ​Stra​tegy

Public insights ​technology company ​focused on media ​measurement


EVP, Strategy & ​Growth

Global insights leader ​focused on brand building ​and growth strategy ​consultancy


VP Product ​Marketing

B2B SaaS atartup focused ​on customer experience, ​market research. and ​advertising effectiveness

What i can do

Skills & ​proficiencies​

Management & Strategy

Product Marketing & GTM

Sales Enablement & Training

Market Research & Insights

Demand Generation & Analytics

What i've done so far


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The New Foundations of Advertising Effectiveness

Won B2B Marketing Elevation Award Gold, ANA B2B Marketing Silver, and delivered 13X ROI

"Anne is an expert in her field, ​incredibly articulate and has a keen ​strategic sense. She is equally at ease ​giving important presentations to ​major clients or at conferences as she ​is working with the implementation ​teams to role out a new product. She is ​also easy going and knows how to ​build consensus in a corporate ​environment."

Eric Bosco,

Chief Product Officer,


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@2023 Anne Hunter

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In the media

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I'm frequently asked about marketing and business growth in key trade publications. It's always fun to ​help my company spread the word as well as share my opinions. My secret trick to a great interview is ​quite simple... speak slowly! When reporters are talking to many people about a topic, the ones who ​speak at a pace where they can get write down the sound bites, are the people who get their ​companies in the press!

Brand marketing

Advertising effectiveness & technology

Consumer trends


Social media


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In the media

@2023 Anne Hunter

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I have been privilidged to work at companies that inspire me to manage marketing teams and create ​impactful work. From simple social media posts, to large multi-media, cross-channel campaigns that ​drive presence on stages and generate millions in revenue, I tell stories that create results through ​marketing leadership.


Sample insights

This award-winning ​campaign was ​designed to elevate ​awareness and drive ​leads for a B2B SaaS ​company new to the ​ad market. Using ​elegant design to ​simplify the data, it ​created a 13X ROI.

As my company's ​Chief Strategy Officer ​representative to the ​World Economic ​Forum, I researched ​the implications of ​digital media with ​some of the world's ​most influential ​thinkers.

To launch a new ​product, I created a ​charter program for ​top brands, resulting ​in massive sales, and ​winning the Journal ​of Advertising ​Research paper of ​the year.

As Biden was ​choosing his running ​mate, I developed an ​infographic ​showcasing my ​company's ability to ​deeply understand ​voters' preferences.

To highlight the ​value of companies ​I've worked with, I've ​authored voluminous ​case studies and ​sales collateral over ​the years, such as ​this case study on ​how to unlock social ​media measurement.

As bot fraud rapidly ​increased in the ​industry, I wrote a ​guidebook for brands ​to help them ​understand this ​techy topic in a ​friendly way.

Everyone loves the ​funny ads in football ​games but do they ​deliver results? I ​launched an annual ​report with actual ​brand awareness and ​outcomes from ​advertising's biggest ​night of the year.

Volunteer marketing

I served on my ​town's Economic ​Development ​Agency for years and ​created market ​analyses and ​promotional ​materials to drive ​local investment.

In order to showcase ​successful ​businesses in my ​community, I created ​business profiles that ​highlight how ​companies can grow ​with support from ​the town.

To bolster sales to ​top publishers, I ran a ​study on how ​placement in quality ​media delivers a halo ​effect for brands, ​then presented the ​results with Digital ​Content Next.

Digital spending ​increased quickly, ​but brands didn't ​know which tactics ​would deliver results. ​I authored a meta-​analysis to show ​where to spend on ​digital advertising.

To help fill the seats ​for the local High ​School musical, I ​designed a social ​media campaign to ​sell tickets based on ​a countdown to ​opening night.

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@2023 Anne Hunter

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For the past decade, I have had the honor of presenting on the intersection of marketing and ​technology to audiences worldwide. Through participating in conferences and giving speeches, I have ​been fortunate to connect with a highly skilled network of professionals dedicated to driving business ​growth and exchanging valuable insights.

Teaching & education

New York University, Stern School of Business and the Advertising Research Foundation: Marketing ​Optimization and Insights Certificate, curriculum development committee

University of Georgia, Terry College of Business “Future of Insights: Balanced Attribution”

Online Media, Marketing, and Advertising Global Education “Viewable Impressions: What You Need to ​Know Now to Thrive in Our Evolving Digital Economy”

DX3 Learning Lab “Conquering the Challenges of Delivering & Measuring Ads in the Digital Environment”

Interactive Advertising Bureau Professional Development Faculty “Ad Effectiveness 101: When and How to ​Measure the Efficacy of Digital Campaigns”

Interactive Advertising Bureau Professional Development Faculty “Reaching the Right Audience Online”

New York University, Stern School of Business, Guest Lecturer “Digital Marketing”

Interactive Advertising Bureau Bootcamp for Senior Marketers “Audience Targeting & Measurement”

Industry association participation

World Economic Forum Chief Strategy Officer Representative, Steering Committee Member 1/20/16 ​“Digital Media and Society Implications in a Hyperconnected Era”

Media Rating Council Emerging Innovation Task Force

Advertising Research Foundation Ad Effectiveness and Quality Councils

Journal of Advertising Research Vol. 52, No. 2, 2012 Great Mind Award Winning Paper: “How Validation Can ​Trump Digital Waste and Generate Value across the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Print and Digital Research Forum 1/13/14 “Campaign Delivery and Viewable Impressions”

Interactive Advertising Bureau Networks, Research and Verification Councils

MIXX Awards Judge, 2010, 2011

Ogilvy Awards Judge 2012, 2013

Speaking engagements

Mediapost TV & Video Insider Summit 3/9/22“Going Beyond GRPs to TV ROI”

IAB Decisions 2022 Town Hall 3/8/22 “How Can We Create a Common Language for Measurement?”

Insights Association Converge 12/7/21 “Using Zero Party Data for Behavioral Insights with Nestle Purina”

IAB Brand Disruption Summit 11/9/21“Brand Academy: The Zero-Party Path to Full Funnel Ad impact”

Mediapost CPG Brand Insider Summit 11/5/21 “Unboxing your audience with zero-party data”

Informa Future Trends World Summit 10/26/21 “The Future of Insights”

MMA Digital Analytics Think Tank Unplugged 10/13/21 “Breaking through Silos in Cross-platform ​Measurement”

Cynopsis Measurement & Data 6/16/21 “A Kaleidoscope for Cross-Platform Measurement”

IIEX Europe 4/14/21 “The New Quality Imperative: A Fireside Chat on Combating Fraud”

Alphonso 4/8/20“COVID-19’s Impact on TV from Coast to Coast”

Breakthrough 3/4/20 “Can AI Make Advertising More Creative?”

WPP Stream Commerce 2/26/20 “Robots in the Office: How AI Helps Creatives”

Breakthrough 1/30/19 “Video Simpatico: Evolving Video from Broadcasting to Conversation”

Advertising Research Foundation Re:think 3/20/17 “The Halo Effect”

Future of Measurement Summit 10/20/16 “Cross Platform Consumer Trends”

Real Screen Summit 2/1/16 “Ratings: Fear vs. Facts”

World Economic Forum 10/29/15 “The New Societal Reality: the Rise of the Empowered Consumer”

Interactive Advertising Bureau 4/23/15 “The Industry Trust”

4As Transformation 3/24/15 “Innovations in Measurement and Application of Insights”

AdExchanger Programmatic I/O 9/17/14 “State of Cross-Channel Measurement”

Magnetic 4/2/14 “Viewability”

AdMonsters 11/12/13 “Double Jeopardy”

Ad:tech 11/7/13 “Digital Audience Media Measurement”

Magnetic 10/9/13 “Attribution Revolution New York”

United Kingdom Online Measurement (UKOM) 10/1/13 “The Multi-Platform Majority”

Wedbush Securities 9/13/13 “Big Data Roundtable”

Magnetic 6/18/13 “Attribution Revolution Boston”

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@2023 Anne Hunter

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AI marketing

Let's learn together

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We are in the infancy of AI, but it is going to change everything about how CMOs do their jobs. The ​fundamentals of marketing stay the same; understand your customer... deliver messages that provide ​value... at the right moments... especially when they are ready to buy. What is changing are the tools ​marketers use to achieve their goals. I'm working with early pioneers in the AI marketing evolution to ​get ahead of this powerful technology. There are already risks in moving forward blindly, from how to ​properly cite AI-generated content, to copyright, and fair-use issues. The even greater risk however, is ​ignoring it. Let's learn together.

Starting with AI: a framework for CMOs

CMOs are hearing about AI everywhere, ​but how should they proceed to bring it ​into their organization? This framework can ​help get them started, safely.

Not another shiny object: the 5 big risks to ​marketers who ignore AI

Using AI in marketing has risks, but what ​are the risks for brands who do not start ​learning about this technology now? Here ​are the ways ignoring it can inhibit growth.

Can AI take over your advertising ​research job?

AI can already do complex work, from ​writing code to passing MBA exams! But ​can it help marketers measure their ads? ​Ad analytics is still best in human hands.

Can AI Make Advertising More Creative?

When brands want to defy convention and ​truly breakthrough, understanding what's ​standard is key. This presentation explored ​how to develop an AI baseline.

7 AI tools to automate your job search

With tens of thousands of people being ​laid off recently, I compiled a list of new AI-​based tools that may help them speed up ​their job search.

Robots in the Office: How AI Helps ​Creatives

Incorporating AI can seem counterintuitive ​for artists. This presentation showcased ​how AI tools may give them more creative ​time to pioneer new works.

How AI can close the equality gap for ​women in the workplace

Coming soon! How AI can close the ​equality gap for women in the workplace

As AI starts to enter the workforce at scale, ​what does this mean for women? A ​detailed look at how it may help women ​close the equality gap at work.

AI expectations for CMOs

Coming soon! AI expectations for CMOsWhat does the C-suite expect from CMOs ​when it comes to AI adoption? What tasks ​are they looking for CMOs to automate ​first? This research points the way forward.

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AI marketing

@2023 Anne Hunter